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Chelly Jane is a charismatic and conceptual multidisciplinary artist, living currently in San Diego,CA. In her art based music, she uses concepts of life to explore our relationship to inner and domestic spaces.

With influences from music of the late 80s/early 90s and today’s mainstream artists, Jane creates sensual and relatable compositions which engage the mind as well as the body. Despite the focus on the body and space, word play is an essential role in her work, and drawing the audience into complicity with it. Like the body, the language is both personal and the basic prevalence of public relations.
In the last five years, Jane has been working on her art based music on the idea of “there is someone out there that can relate to this.” And in doing so has created a style and a sound all her own.
Chelly Jane (b. 1991) studied Audio Production at The Art Institute of California- San Diego , finishing with her Bachelors Degree in Science. It is through her education at AICASD that not only has boost her general knowledge of music theory & musical composition but has also opened up opportunities to work with influential individuals in the industry such as David Cole, Joe Godfrey, DJ Rek, Triston Palmer and many more.
She is currently working on her first solo project titled “Sunsets In Southern California”. Hoping to captivate the ears of all her listeners with her smooth-sultry sound, she brings light to the concept of love and relationships between the idea of happiness and the reality of it.

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